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and wife are accused of doing that may have led up to the deadly violence. >>> and how super storm sandy could affect victims. >>> you're watching more thans on 2 [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. >>> this couple was arrested yesterday on charged with assault with a deadly weapon. montoya is in custody and accused of firing the deadly shots. two people killed and three others hurt as thousands of people gathered to celebrate new year's eve. >>> a late night snow me believe adventure turned deadly when two people crashed into a fence. and it happened on an unlit slope. it happened on
$9.7 billion to pay federal flood insurance claims to victims of super storm sandy. fema warned that without the additional funds it would run out of money to pay claims next week. lawmakers have yet to act on a proposed bill to set aside $51 billion worth of aid to address the effects of super storm sandy. john boehner has vowed to vote on that bill january 26. >>> there was a packed house for people that came together to raise money for super storm sandy victims. the money will go to two couples. organizers said they raised more than $2,000 and they're still counting. >>> it looks like secretary of state hillary clinton will return to work tomorrow for the first time since she fell ill in december. clinton is expected to attend a meeting first thing in the morning. on tuesday, she's scheduled to meet with outgoing defense attorney panetta. >>> california lawmakers will get back to work tomorrow with a democratic superhouse majority in both houses. the new legislature was sworn in but then recessed for the holidays. they expect democratic lawmakers to freely legislate. but does
since the sandy hook elementary school shooting. it was crafted to be as normal of a day as possible. >> reporter: this morning school buses picked up students in newtown. less than three weeks after a gunman killed 26 at sandy hook elementary school, classes resumed. >> the kids got off the bus. a lot were happy to see friends. >> reporter: this school is now renamed sandy hook elementary school. signs welcomed the students to help them feel comfortable. their desks were brought from the old campus to the new school and parents was able to stay with the children today. >> counselors, therapy dogs. parents. everybody was happy to get back in the swing of things. >> reporter: having police guarding the school. today checking >> we don't want them to think this is a police state. this is a school. >> reporter: connecticut's governor announced a new commission to review gun laws, mental health support and school safety. >> we don't know the cause behind this tragedy and we probably never will. not in a way that will make sense of what happened on that day. but that cannot be an
francisco music venue is holding this for the sandy hook airia. they want to decorate it with paper snowflakes. they are holding a snowflake afterwards, it will send the snowflakes to connecticut. today's event is from noon until four. >>> they will release more information tomorrow to excavate a well near sacramento. this is where the remains of a serial killer was found. they found broken bones and a fetus in the well and purse and jacket from another victim. they gave investigators the map to the well and burial site. she and the childhood friend were known to be on the killing spree. they killed as many as 20 people. >>> people are looking for a 92 year old man that hasn't been seen since new year's day. he is described as a white man. 5 feet 5 inches tall and green eyes and green hair -- and gray hair. >> known to visiting racetracks and he is on dozens of medications he needs to take regularly. >>> this is interstate 580 in oakland near the off ramp on the eastbound side. chp shut town the off ramp while police investigated the shooting. all victims transported themselves to t
to pass a $9.7 billion bill to help pay flood insurance claims of victims of superstorm sandy. that's after republicans blasted house speaker john boehner for cancel ago a previously scheduled vote on tuesday. today's vote will be followed by another one on january 15th. >>> despite the grumbling in his own party, john boehner was reelected as house speaker as congress begins a new two year term. >> speaker boehner is a leader who has earned the confidence of his conference and the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. >> ten republicans voted for someone else as speaker. boehner struggled to hold back tears as hi welcomed new members of congress. nancy pelosi retains her position as minority leader. there are record number of women, 79 in the house and 20 in the senate. that's five more than the previous congress. >>> former arizona congresswoman gabrielle gifford will reportedly visit newtown connecticut today. she's expected to meet and reach out to families of the victims of last month's deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary. the meeting is said to take place
growth in construction due to a massive rebuilding effort after super storm sandy. those number sent stocks up today for all three market with the s and p closing at it's highest level since 2007. >> another bay area lawmaker has been named to a new gun violence prevention task force. the congresswoman will serve as vice chair and representative mike thompson from napa will be the chairman. they will be looking into ways to prevent mass shootings like the ones in newtown connecticut. you may also remember she was seriously wounded by gun fire in 1978 when she and the then congresswoman were investigating the people's temple cut. ryan and several others were killed. >> the former congresswoman gabrielle giffords visited new town connecticut today. you can see her husband, former astronaut mark kelly in these scenes here. gifford did not appear publicly but met privately with family of those killed last month. the former congresswoman suffered severe head injuries after being shot at close range during a mass shooting in tucson two years ago. >> a wet outlook for part of the weekend. i
. the station did suffer from super storm sandy and they are wondering if the flooding caused any role in their escalator malfunction. >>> the balloon ended up in the backyard of a home in san diego yesterday. 14 people had just said their vows. one person was taken to the hospital with reports of back pain and the wedding party continued on with their reception. >>> they official open today and this year they already have more exhibiters and it is expected to draw the biggest crowds in the history of the show. there are conferences for every type of person. >> we have a mom my track of how mothers are using electronics in their everyday life. a silver summit for those of us with a little gray in our hair and how we are using consumer electronics. >> now sources say they will create more than $2 billion worth of business this year. >> the tour will feature 2012 trophies and the first stop will be in richmond and the exact location has not been revealed. >> it is always exciting to take a picture with trophies. >> okay, let's check back in with sal for traffic. >> all right, go giants.
to provide aid to the -- aides to the victims of sandy. house voted in favor of the nearly $10 billion package. the senate followed suit. there was an outcry by northeast politicians -- politicians from both sides of the aisle when the speaker of the house prevented a vote on the bill on tuesday. the measure is the first of two making their way through congress. >> the people will hold the speaker and all of us to the promise that no later than the 15th of this month some 11 days from today that we will make a full contribution to those people. >> the $9.7 billion package will now head to the white house for the president's signature. the remaining $51 requested by the president will be up for a vote on january 15th. >>> efforts to legalize gay marriage in illinois suffered a setback today. democratic supporters of the bill backed off plans to hold a full senate vote on it. the bill was approved in committee last night but today's vote was called off because three backers were not present. sponsors downplayed the urgency to pass the measure in the lame- duck sex suggesting the issue co
from the inside. it is one of several changes after the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut last month. >> we felt like we had procedures in place but now you analyze that and look at it and say maybe we aren't as prepared as we thought. >> reporter: they are bringing in two consultants before making specific changes. many parents told us they welcome it. >> i am in support of anything that adds extra security for the children. anything. >> reporter: they expect to have a more specific plan when the board meets in two weeks. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we are getting our first look at what vice president joe biden will recommend to the president to stem gun violence. vice president joe biden met with members of the nra today. the proposals are expected to include bans on assault weapons and background checks. the nra said the white house has a agenda against the second amendment. >>> today we chartered a boat to bring you a look at the damage caused by a tanker that struck the bay bridge. the bumper is smashed and the cement crumbled. they are usi
following superstorm sandy. >>> on wall street, stock markets ended on the up mark. and the s & p500 gained seven and hit its highest close in five years. >>> congress passed a bill today to help victims of superstorm sandy. the legislation easily cleared the house and senate. it provides $9.7 billion to paid for flood insurance claims. a broader measure providing $51 million is scheduled for debate later this month but is expected to face opposition by those who say it's filled with port barrel projects. >> barack obama the state of illinois has received 332 votes, mitt romney the state of massachusetts has received 206 votes. >>> vice president joe biden released the electoral vote. the constitution says it's not official until the electoral college votes are counted. >>> the new film zero dark 30 about the killing of osama bin laden is drawing high praise as well as some pointed criticism. ktvu's rita williams tells us about a controversial part of the movie that has people protesting. >> never legal, never moral, never accepted. >> reporter: an unusual protest outside an emeryville thea
. >>> a day of new beginnings. the students of sandy hook elementary school resume classes. the extra steps taken to help ease them into the new transition. >> the key approval made in washington, d.c. today that will help more than 1 million californians receive health care coverage. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. my world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon...creamy cheese... [ whispers ] 100 calories... say it again... [ whispers ] 100 calories... ma'am, hello? ma'am? [ female announcer ] find progresso light for a great price today at your local safeway store. >>> the students who survived the gunman's rampage in newtown connecticut returned to class today after an extended holiday break. the children may still be fragile but as ktvu's john sasaki learned experts say these are steps a community must take. >> reporter: the new sandy hook elementary school in near by monroe connecticut is covered in a layer of snow
sandy. this is a live picture right now with members of congress from new york and new jersey. they are speaking out. let's listen in. >> in the last 20 years, this as the longest people affected by -- this is the longest people affected by disasters have waited for congress to help with relief. it's not acceptable. i've voted for aid wherever there's been a natural disaster. the northeast deserves the same. new york is a donor state. we give more to the federal government than we take back. now we need help and politics should not be played with the help that we need. we should be -- >> we've been hearing from members of congress. they were curious -- furious when john boehner canceled the vote on tuesday. there will be another vote on january 15th for a larger $51 billion aid package that's already been approved by the senate. still this morning, many lawmakers are expressing out -- outrage that it's taken nine weeks to get any help for the victims. >>> an's motional trip, a well- known member of gunfire will be making a visit to connecticut today. >>> who is sponsoring a ne
the shooting in sandy hook elementary school shooting last month. >> nothing that has gone to the heart of the matter most than six-year-old kids riddled, not shot, riddled, riddled with bullet holes. >> reporter: vice president joe biden will meet with representatives of the video game industry on friday. >> after meeting with the vice president the nra released a statement. we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with attacking the second amendment. coming up, the safety precautions being taken and the changes considered by school districts. >>> man who was once on death row is back behind bars tonight. ktvu's paul chambers tells us police say he killed again. >>> the family still -- >> reporter: the family still has the original articles after he was sentenced to death after he killed two in 1996. one family member says after he was released he contacted her. >> he called in the middle of the night and he started doing the singing song thing about don't worry about me. >> reporter: he is once again behind ba
on it but don't quite trust. it's all sandy. to me, it's the challenge. if i can figure thousand adapt my style here. >> he dazzles people in the spice market off the bat. a lot of people who maybe have never seen hard core before will be thinking what is this guy doing? who is this crazy person? like, someone should call the police. >>> steven, as you know, the consumer electronics show is currently going on in las vegas, nevada. all kinds of new tech "stuff" is being introduced. >> the latest and greatest. >> when it comes to the cutting edge of technology we have our own expert, our own consumer electronics show man. >> he's an expo in himself. >> yeah, he is. zach. hey there, zach. >> hello. >> what's up, dude? >> i love to have new toke show us. >> the first calmed the copy census, a smartphone cover that actually acts as its ownch device. >> wht? >> right n iphones, so your iphone 4, 4s or 5. >> playing pebble run. >> yep. >> you use your fingers on the back of your phone to operate your phone? >> exactly. >> the front of the phone is not good enough? why? >> the main reason they're using
haiti is still in dire straits. they need medicine, food and clean water. in addition hurricane sandy wiped out 50% of the crops. a rally will be held at 4:30 this afternoon outside the oakland red cross on broadway. activists say the red cross got hundreds of millions of dollars in donations but they say little of that money went to help survivors. they say it's in the middle of a four year plan to help. >>> california could have a mega quake that's felt all long the fault. they had believed that a quake felt on the north part of the fault which runs through the bay area would not spread to southern california and they fought the reverse was true because both sections are locked but the central section of the fault -- the new information after the 2011 quake in japan proved that's wrong. hard to imagine a quake along the entire fault. >> all right. we know it's cold outside this morning so bundle up. look outside. even feels cold on tv. not as cold as expected. up next steve paulson comes back. what saved us this morning from dipping in to subfreezing temperatures. >> and dozens o
after hurricane sandy and their organization started after hurricane katrina and they are helping the people rebuild so they are learning their services. today looks like a pretty good day and we have all the business news coming up. >>> thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is a tuesday, january 8th, i am dave clark. >>> we do have details on the near disaster in the san francisco bay. today this morning they will meet with the bar pilot who sideswiped the bay bridge. here is more information about the pilot and the accident. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 morning news has learned that the results of a drug test could come back later today. he passed an alcohol test yesterday following the collision. i spoke with a representative who confirmed investigators will be sitting down to interview that pilot later this morning. he was at the controls of this 750-foot oil tanker, the overseas ray more when it struck. george has eight years of experience under his belt. yesterday's accident happened yesterday morning and there was heavy fog which cut visibility to about
adults at sandy hook elementary. >> we feel we have procedures in place but then you analyze that incident and think, hey maybe we aren't as prepared as we have. >> reporter: they have brought in two consultants before making specific changes at all campus. parents say they welcome the scrutiny. >> i'm in support of anything that will offer extra support for our children. >> reporter: they're not in favor as going so far as to arm teachers but they are looking at bringing resource officers to schools who don't already have them. eric rasmussen, ktvu. >>> and coming up at 10:30, an overflow crowd today in the knot bay. the hot button issue that's atracking a lot of attention. >>> bay area fire stations shutting down. the confusion over the closures that has some people upset. >>> this park has gorgeous rock formations and hot summers. what the president did that could change what it means to the area. >> and a big run goes up in flames, the effort to save it. >> i was like, i'm not going to let this guy burn to death. >>> new video tonight of fire fighters in oakland respondin
. it is critical for the nation to act following that shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> every once in awhile there is something that awakens the country. >> those attending today's meeting included parents of children killed in the mass shooting at a movie theatre in aurora colorado along with survivors of the 2007 virginia tech massacre. the president has vowed action and wants recommendations from that task force by the end of the month. >> national debate on gun control came to vallejo. a public meeting was hosted. >> i am a hunt era gun owner. you don't need them i don't need them nor do we need assault magazines. >> congressman thompson is looking for opinions how to prevent another tragedy. >>> police released a surveillance video in hopes of solving a 3 month old murder. the trail has gone cold in the killing of 46-year-old alea cruise. they hope someone will recognize the man in this footage he is seen walking with her in the tenderloin to her apartment. less than an hour later he came out and ran off. she was found stabbed to death in her home. >> this might spark someone's memory.
by the sandy hook school shooting donors are giving to a gun buy back fund. $40,000 in public donations. enabling marin to buy guns, no names, no questions asked. >> thank you for getting those guns out of your house. god bless you. >> if they want to turn in three gun, they'll get paid on the spot. >> reporter: each gun is worth $100, $200 if it's a semi automatic. >> this is what you can do for mankind. >> reporter: we found marin residents enthusiastic and optimistic. >> i'm not naive enough to think that i'm going to get every young gangster to come in and turn in their gun. >> reporter: but what they want is to get the unforgotten guns that might become a danger. >> and because gun violence travels, residents of san francisco, sonoma and contra costa can come to marin. they will be getting vouchers, marin residents have priority. we're live in san rafael, deborah villalon. >>> and lawmakers are going after ammunition not the weapons. >> it takes bullets to put in the gun. when bullets are more available than sudafed, we have a problem. >> reporter: the bill from berkeley assemblywo
possible. . >>> president obama today signed a $9.7 billion aid package for victims of hurricane sandy. the measure passed the house on friday, but a vote of 354-67. the senate approved it unanimously. without debate. most of the money toes to fund government-backed flood insurance claims. congress is scheduled to take up another aid measure, this one costing $51 billion coming up on january 15th. >>> well part of the week was wet, but let see how the workweek is shaping up we'll check in with mark tamayo to look at weather. >> we have a warm up and another major cooling trend. so a lot to talk about in our forecast for tonight. you can see the live camera right now on the maps though, we can see you the radar perspective, with just a few high clouds across the bay area. live doppler sweep showing you the dry weather pattern. another closer look at the sierra where things have dried up. parts of nevada you can see snowfall on the order of 1 to 4". 2.5" towards minden and the possibility of lingering snow showers for tonight. back home current temperatures are currently in the upper 40
of superstorm sandy. that's after house republicans blasted house speaker john boehner for canceling a previously scheduled vote on tuesday. they featured the fema run aid program because a few private insurers cover flood insurance. and a larger 51 billion-dollar aid package. >>> let's get you going out the door. what's happening in contra costa county. >> we're looking at it there at 680 and 24 and highway 4 and traffic is moving pretty well. this is a look at highway 4 from our live camera network. traffic is getting busier on the way to oakland and walnut creek. 680 is moving well from walnut creek to san ramon. yesterday and the day before we had a back up at 6:00. we'll see what happens in 20 minutes or so. if you're driving in the south bay, northbound 280 right now 87 on the shoulder there is a minor crash. watch for it. now let's go to steve. >>> good morning, a few high clouds. 30s instead of 20s for most and. little bit of patchy fog especially out in the vivamente if you're heading to the mountains, be advised of that. patchy fog, high clouds, still mostly sunny today and
of a new york judge. >>> plus -- a bay area fund- raiser for victims of superstorm sandy. how much money the event raised. ♪ >>> dozens of musicians and entertainer does donated their -- donated their time for a benefit of superstorm sandy. organizers of the event at the restaurant say they raised more than $2,000. the money will be going to two families, one family lost their home in the storm and the other family's home was badly damaged. >>> back here at home, two men are due in a bay area court today. they are charged in connection with the deadly shootings of two teenaged girls in oakland. the 18-year-old and 19-year-old are expected to enter pleas. investigators say powell shot and killed 15-year-old raquel and 16-year-old bobbi back in november. edwards is being charged as an accessory to murder. a juvenile was arrested in the case. investigators still haven't told us about a possible motive but they say the suspects did know the victims. >>> and a hearing will be held today on whether the man charged with killing 7 people at oikos university is mentally fit to stand trial. a co
could include many surprises because of events like superstorm sandy, the presidential election and the fiscal cliff. taking a live look at the big toward, the dow is down 57. the nasdaq is down 16. s&p down 7. >>> there is a new report that disney is looking for ways to cut costs and it could mean eliminating some jobs. sources inside the company that spans theme parks, and merchandise, say an internal audit is underway. disney is not commenting on the report but it does say it looks -- is looking for ways to cut costs and has increased technology in the past few months. >>> 8:46. the suspect in the colorado movie theater mass care will be back in court today for a hearing to determine if the case will go to trial. >>> yesterday was a very emotional day in court. victims' families sat through testimony by police officers. this hear something expected to continue until friday. >>> former nebraska senator chuck hagel could be in for some really tough confirmation hearings. both democratic and republican lawmakers are expressing concerns about him being nominated to be the country
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